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Clarks Originals Shoes
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Why is this shoe called Katerpill -- because it's long? Is that Swedish for caterpillar? It doesn't look like a caterpillar. Maybe it's because it's a very long shoe. I ordered my normal size, 7.5. It came. I was tripping over myself in it. Sent it back. Ordered a 7.0. It still stuck out way too far in front of my toes and the arch wasn't in the right place. Sent it back. Got a 6.5. Fits perfectly. Caterpillars can shrink and expand effortlessly, it seems. Maybe that's it. It's an okay earth sandal. Looks fine with slacks. T'ain't flattering to the legs, but no earthy sandals I've seen really are. I'm not an Earth shoe type of person, but sometimes I like to play the role and take on that hipper persona. And they're good with slacks. They feel wonderful, if that matters. Have great arch support, and look like what they are. And for what they are, they look pretty good and pretty okay. My bias is in favor of glitz and glamour, and dainty feminine stuff, so maybe I'd even be bonkers over them if I were an earthy type person.

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