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These shoes remains true to its roots with casual basics for both men and women that translate tattoo artwork to the ready wear youth of their generation.
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Very well satisfied - A good combination of sensible shoe and slightly dressy. Because of other reviews noting the problem of the elastic strap digging in I was careful to wear them for limited times in the first 3 wearings. I did indeed have trouble with this. However by the 4th wearing it was not a problem. Support is good and slightly elevated heel is nice even though typically wear flat shoes.
Great fit, but... I ordered these based on all the great reviews and while I am happy with them, a couple problems. 1) The toe is round! If you look at all the views on the pic, it's obvious from the top view that the toe is round, but I didn't look. The way they are photographed makes the toe look more pointed. Not a huge deal, but a surprise. 2) If you have "thick" feet, i.e. from top to bottom, they will pinch you a bit at first. But, I've been wearing them for a few hours and it's loosened up a bit. Overall, these are the most comfortable shoes I own. It's like you're not even wearing shoes. I can forgive all the other things as long as my feet feel good and they do!

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